Welcome to the GeoXACML Homepage


This web site provides information how to develop, integrate and deploy access control for protecting access to distributed geographic information. Also, a free to use GeoXACML Policy Decision Point is provided for testing your GeoXACML Policies.


This section introduces concepts for protecting OGC Web Services that have been tested in different research projects and in OGC Open Web Services Initiaties. It further intorduces the GeoXACML standard and its capabilities toward the declaration and enforcement of geo-specific access restrictions for geographic data. Different concepts, how to protect OGC Web Services such as Web Map Service and Web (Transactional) Feature Service based on the GeoXACML standard of the OGC and the SAML and XACML standard from OASIS are provided in the Architecture section. In order to illustrate how to declare geo-specific access restrictions, example policies are provided.


Currently, one online demo is available showing the capabilities of GeoXACML based Access Control.

Free Evaluation

This section provides a reference implementation of a geo-specific Policy Decision Point (GeoPDP) according to the OGC GeoXACML standard. Registered users can upload a GeoXACML Policy and send Authorization Decision Requests to their own GeoPDP instance to explore the flexibility of the GeoXACML standard in expressing and enfocrong geo-specific access rights.